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Optify: Welcome
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Optify's technology
Optimizing the future of Industrial Drying

Intelligent algorithm based control systems

for achieving unbelievable performance with industrial dryers


Increase in profits

for food & textile plants


Improvement in dryer productivity

& efficiency


Visibility with no human intervention

Current Focus

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Food Processing

For dryers like in powder and pellet foods, biomass etc.

  • Moisture fluctuations down to +/- 0.25%

  • 1-2% increase in yield

  • Maximizes production and efficiency 


Fabric Processing

For woven fabrics like denims, cotton shirting, suiting

  • Consistent moisture along length and width, prevents wet spots

  • Fastest to equilibrium 

We're looking for visionary customers for our first few installations in food and textile plants across India


Other Industries

Wood and Paper 



Metals & Ores

Sand and Concrete

Chemicals & Fertilizers


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CPF Group, Thai MNC

World's largest animal feed producer

India's highest quality shrimp feed producer

Pioneering moisture stabilization without human intervention

"Your team is genius! Stabilizing moisture took 2-3 hours earlier, and is now handled within 15 minutes automatically by your system without any operator intervention. Moisture-related hassles have reduced 3x now. You are the first ones to solve this problem in our group internationally. Kudos!"

             Mr. Thossaphorn Chattong, Innovation Manager – India, CPF Group

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Contact Us

Corporate Office: 

10, Nakshatra , Opposite HDFC Bank,

Off Pan Card Club Road,

Baner, Pune - 411045

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Registered Office: 

Office No. 1, 1st floor, Arihant Enclave,

Ashok Nagar, Ashok Chakravarty Road,

Kandivali East, Mumbai - 400101.

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