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Leading Fish Feed and Shrimp Feed Manufactures are Saving Crores Every Year Using Optify's Advanced Controls

Efficiency Improvement in dryer


Improvement in dryer efficiency

optify increases profit
Increase in profits for feed mills
automatic reports and analysis done by optify
24 X 7
Visibility with no human intervention needed

Let Us Improve Profitability and Productivity at Your Factory!

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At Optify we make AI to cause Large Climate Impact.

1440 Tons/Yr Co2 abatment

Proven at a single Dryer

*70,000 Trees Equivalent

6.4 Lakh Tons/Yr

Co2 abatment

Global Potential

Designed For Fluctuating Operating Conditions & Easy Adoption

OptiFeed Controller

  1. Increases customers delight by stable shelf life without the risk of fungus.

  2. Reduces the production and yield losses by maintaining optimum moisture.

  3. Saves steam and electricity.

  4. Reduces reworks.

  5. Gives detail process tracking with reports, alerts and insights.

  6. Reduces avoidable losses caused by error in human judgement.

  7. Fast commissioning and Product support.

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OptiFeed Caters Management, Operations and Production Team

OptiFeed's Daily Compound Graphs Convey Important Insights 

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Pioneering moisture stabilization without human intervention
"Your team is genius! Stabilizing moisture took 2-3 hours earlier, and is now handled within 15 minutes automatically by your system without any operator intervention. Moisture-related hassles have reduced 3x now. You are the first ones to solve this problem in our group internationally. Kudos!"

Mr. Thossaphorn Chattong,

Innovation Manager – India, CPF Group

Piyush Patil

Director & Founder

B.Tech. in Energy Engineering, IIT Bombay

M.Tech. in Energy Engineering, IIT Bombay

  • Previous experience at Forbes Marshall, with exposure to 30+ dryers

  • Researched, Developed and Commissioned 3 different Optimization products before Optify.

  • Thesis on industrial optimization algorithms for controls

  • Designed specialized hardware and algorithms for aquafeed industry

Piyush Patil Founder photo.jpg
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10, Nakshatra, Opposite HDFC Bank, Off Pan Card Club Road, Baner,

Pune - 411045.

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Piyush Patil

Managing Director & CEO 

+91 82619 31920

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